COD Reagent
COD Reagent for COD test : High range / Medium range / Low range - พิเศษ ?ลด 15%? เมื่อซื้อ 150 test จาก 15,200 บาท เหลือ 12,920 บาท!!
Last Update : 17:41:55 19/11/2018
They are user-friendly and suitable for a wide variety of applications in water analysis. Thanks to various test procedures, the MINIKITs are one thing above all else: a reliable companion
Last Update : 16:27:39 16/11/2018
DO Meter
Model : SD 400 OXI L
The SD 400 Oxi L is a newly developed instrument that has been designed for the application of treatment plants and waterworks, research and teaching, as well as fish-farming. The luminescence technology combines high measurement accuracy with low maintenance and operates without electrolyte solution. Highlights: High measurement accuracy using luminescence technology Short response time of the oxygen electrode Low maintenance due to long-life electrode Low incident flow of the electrode ? no need for stirring Includes software for advanced and simplified data management with data logger function Backlit LC-display for measurements in any environment With its standard BSB flask-optimized electrode, the SD 400 Oxi L is ideally suited for the measurement of BOD in laboratories using the dilution method. Available as three variants (see delivery content for details): Order Code: 740000 SD 400 Oxi L, Set 1 with 1.5 m cable Order Code: 740010 SD 400 Oxi L, Set 2 with 3 m cable Order Code: 740020 SD 400 Oxi L, Set 3 with 10 m cable instrument
Last Update : 13:14:58 16/11/2018
AquaRead AP-800
Brand : AquaRead
Model : AquaRead AP-800
The AP-700 and AP-800 packages represent the essentials in basic water quality monitoring. Offered as complete packages you are provided with everything you need to get testing water. Packages include an Aquaprobe, a GPS Aquameter, a 3 meter cable, accessories and some RapidCal calibration solution all housed in a neat carry case for easy storage and transport.
Last Update : 09:19:10 12/11/2018
AquaRead AP-700
Brand : AquaRead
Model : AquaRead AP-700
The AP-700 offers ?the big 4? commonly known as pH, EC, dissolved oxygen and temperature whilst the AP-800 offers more with the addition of our compact sapphire lensed, nephelometric turbidity sensor built in.
Last Update : 16:38:33 09/11/2018

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