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วิธีการตรวจสอบการเจือปนน้ำมะพร้าวด้วยน้ำตาลอ้อยหรือข้าวโพด (น้ำตาล C4) ซึ่งเป็นสารที่นิยมเจือปนในน้ำมะพร้าวเพื่อเพิ่มความหวานด้วย CRDS
Last Update : 10/10/2018 09:11:27
เครื่องวิเคราะห์ไขมัน/Rapid Fat Analyzer
Brand : CEM
Model : ORACLE
Last Update : 10:31:39 10/07/2024
Discrete analyzer
Brand : SEAL Analytical
A SEAL Discrete nutrient analyzer completely automates your manual wet chemistry methods, mimicking the operation of a laboratory chemist and adding the ability to measure multiple analytes simultaneously.
Last Update : 10:13:16 09/07/2024
Brand : Raykol
AH-50 automated homogenizer is a versatile automated homogenizer with high throughput, it completely replaces the entire manual homogenization process, including the addition of extraction solutions. It can homogenize up to 36 samples at one run, significantly increasing laboratory productivity and workflow of sample preparation.
Last Update : 09:39:49 08/07/2024
Microwave Synthesizer
Brand : CEM
Model : Discover? 2.0
The Discover 2.0 is the premier microwave reactor for performing any organic or inorganic synthetic chemistry.
Last Update : 09:43:29 05/07/2024
Raman Handheld Analyzer
Brand : EnSpectr
Model : Raport
Bringing qualities of laboratory molecular analysis to the field
Last Update : 09:26:38 04/07/2024

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Product Information :

Product Name:  
Microwave Synthesizer

Product Category:   เครื่องมือวิทยาศาสตร์ / สารเคมีและวัสดุภัณฑ์สำหรับห้องปฏิบัติการ
Product Sub-Category:   CEM Microwave
Brand:   CEM 
Product Type :   สินค้า, ผลิตภัณฑ์ 
Short Description :   The Discover 2.0 is the premier microwave reactor for performing any organic or inorganic synthetic chemistry.


Expand Your Synthetic Chemistry

The Discover 2.0 is the premier microwave reactor for performing any organic or inorganic synthetic chemistry.
Featuring a best-in-class 300 mL single-mode microwave cavity and intuitive software with a 10" touchscreen
interface, it is possible to program a reaction in seconds and achieve the best synthetic yield in minutes.


iWave — Sensor
that Sees Through Glass and Teflon

For the first time, a single-mode microwave synthesizer utilizing iWave, an intelligent IR temperature sensor that can see through glass and Teflon and measures your sample not the vessel.
Based on new technology this powerful update eliminates the need for costly and fragile internal fiber-optic probes while providing the most accurate and responsive temperature measurement available.




Intuitive Software for Any Chemist

• Fully customizable methods and cycles for any synthetic chemistry
• User level access with full password protection and complete audit trail traceability
• Method import reduces programming errors and allows easy access to niche chemistries

Create Microwave Methods Directly from Literature

Method programming takes only seconds with the integrated conventional-to-microwave converter. Any standard literature preparation can be automatically changed to a microwave reaction in only a few clicks.

Review Data Whenever, Wherever

Generate reports, review data, and export to a local network drive all from the Discover 2.0. No need for a USB to move information to and from the instrument.

Complete Control of Your Reaction
The Discover 2.0 features more flexibility in control type than any other microwave synthesizer. Heat to a target temperature quickly and consistently with standard control modes or explore the nature of microwave heating and control reaction pressure with advanced programming.

Your Chemistry on Your Instrument
Fully customize all aspects of the Discover 2.0. Power control, method parameters, data management, user logins, color themes, sounds, unit name and many more parameters are all at your fingertips.


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